Ecological Balance

Aug 04, 2009 No Comments by

Ecological Balance and Sustainable Development- Jitendra Chitnis(B.E., LL.B.) Uncertain and Changing seasons, increasing global temperature (Global Warming), Increasing water level of sea, ozone layer problem, melting down of south and North Pole, increasing level of carbon emission in the air and many such alarming and demanding situtatios are the outcomes of deteriorated ecological balnce. Temprature […]

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More Than 2 Million Hours Sleep, Let’s Use an Ecological Bed

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During the schoolday they get more or less 8-9 hours per day, not enough for them. Adults, on the contrary need 7 or 8 hours, depending on the life habits and stress too. If they gave up on caffeinated drinks or television before bedtime, sleeping quality could be surely better. So we have understood […]

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Green Ecological Products Can Help Save the Earth

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Green ecological products are becoming more popular, we now recognize those companies that realize the importance of green ecological products. Our efforts to preserve earth to have clean water, clear skies and contaminate free soil, trying to reverse our current path of filling the air and water and soil with toxins and contaminants, perhaps we […]

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