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Strange Toilet Paper Roll Art

image credits Junior Fritz Jacquet is fascinated by the paper. He explores and experiments with different techniques of folding and crumpling to create new forms and poetic objects that decorate his life. image credits image credits image credits image credits image credits image credits image credits More of his works can be found here. Did

Designers Against Aids

The Beast Within, the new addition to Valhalla – a collection of one-of-a-kind masks, handmade by upcoming artist Shin Murayama. Proceeds will go to DESIGNERS AGAINST AIDS. Shin Murayama’s masks are transforming in the most titillating way. Without covering the entirety of the face, and always leaving the eyes on display, Murayama’s masks rearrange facial

Li Weis Artistic Performance

Artist Li Wei’s work is a mixture of performance art and photography that creates illusions of an unusual interesting reality. His favorite works are the ‘Mirror’ and the ‘Falls’ series; the ‘Falls’ series shows the artist with his head and the upper body embedded into the ground. According to the artist these images are not