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Incredible Insect Invasions

You don’t trick with Nature! A few of the toughest invasions ever have not been flat – insects particularly have introduced chaos and damage to locations, people, creatures and issues for a large number of decades.Expose a non native species to voila and remarkable changes within the ecosystem’s character are made.The tale of Pharaoh declining

Strangest Things Found in Toilets

Found at a McDonald’s restaurant. The pic was shot in the bathroom of a local rowing club in Amsterdam, ASR NEREUS. Apparently this is some form of hazing by the new eights for the men, heavyweight and lightweight. It is a tradition that they dine in the club, piss all over the lady’s dressing room

Dachshund Adopts a Little Pig

I wonder whatever became of this pig? This is a little old, as you can see my the date stamps on the pics, but it was just sent to me recently and if you haven’t seen it before, you must now!. Yes, there are lots of tales of different kinds of animals helping each other