Car left high and dry

A Chinese family who refused to move for a government project have been left high and dry – after their car was left stranded on a 50ft column of earth.


Officials had decided to level several hills in mountainous Hanjiagen village in northern China’s Shanxi province to make way for new homes, reports the Red Network.

Qu Liming, 60, refused to move his family from their home on one of the hills – but workers started digging out the soil around his house.

“My son drove his car in front of the house to stop the bulldozers from digging the soil, but unexpectedly, they dug out all the soil around the car, leaving the car perched on top of an isolated island,” he said.

Now the family cannot drive their silver Chevrolet – and have to climb a vertical cliff face to reach their home.

“Each day we really have to climb into the house, since the soil has been removed, and it’s a vertical cliff for us,” added Qu.

“I built the house hoping to spend the rest of my life there, but now we have no neighbours, no way in and out, no communications. What should I do?”

Village officials refused to comment.

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