10 Rarest Birthmarks

In the beginning glance, this man appears like he’s part-man, part-wolf, but look carefully and you’ll observe that it’s really body hair and a huge birthmark. Zhang Hongming from Chongqing, south eastern China, is nicknamed “Chimpanzee.” He appealed to doctors for assist in eliminating the heavy dark hair that covers section of his body. For

Strange Toilet Paper Roll Art

image credits Junior Fritz Jacquet is fascinated by the paper. He explores and experiments with different techniques of folding and crumpling to create new forms and poetic objects that decorate his life. image credits image credits image credits image credits image credits image credits image credits More of his works can be found here. Did

Famous Building Models

In the Japanese city of Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, is an amusement park which has recently opened the “Tobu World Square” exhibition. It presents structures to the scale of 1:25, including 45 copies of buildings and structures that are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Amongst other things, it also includes the now non