Incredible Insect Invasions

You don’t trick with Nature! A few of the toughest invasions ever have not been flat – insects particularly have introduced chaos and damage to locations, people, creatures and issues for a large number of decades.Expose a non native species to voila and remarkable changes within the ecosystem’s character are made.The tale of Pharaoh declining

10 Strangest Foods Offered at Restaurants

1. The Fried Brain Sandwich This delicacy was originally made with the brains of cows. Nowadays, because of mad cow disease, restaurants replace the cow brains with pig brains. Like any other burger at your local fast food joint, the fried brain sandwich is served on a bun and covered in pickles, onions, mustard and

Strangest Things Found in Toilets

Found at a McDonald’s restaurant. The pic was shot in the bathroom of a local rowing club in Amsterdam, ASR NEREUS. Apparently this is some form of hazing by the new eights for the men, heavyweight and lightweight. It is a tradition that they dine in the club, piss all over the lady’s dressing room

Floods in Serbia

Three months’ worth of rainfall fell to the region in just several days, causing rivers to rush their banks into people’s homes. Flooding alerts remain in position in many aspects of Serbia and northern Bosnia, based on the EU Floods Information. Twelve bodies were restored on Sunday from Obrenovac’s Serbian area, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar